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    Matt M. | Yelp Testimonial

    My wife and I love Cora. Plain and simple. I have raised my Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) puppy since she was 8 weeks old, and while I read every book and did as much research as I could to be the best “dog dad” I could be, there are things you just can’t prepare for, and when you have a dog that is a “power breed” and weighs well over 100 pounds, you can’t afford to slip up. Cora did all of the things you expect a good trainer to do – teaching my girl her commands etc, but more importantly, Cora comes from a true “behavioral” standpoint; a PSYCHOLOGICAL approach; Understanding what is really happening within a dog’s brain and treating THAT. And also, training YOU. Yes you. The owner. It’s not just the dog that needs to be trained.

    One example (one of many), my girl had to have eye surgery at six months. You can’t anticipate that kind of thing happening when you first bring a pup home. It was a very painful, traumatic experience for my dog. Making a very long and complicated story short, she developed a tremendous amount of nervousness and fear after this experience. I was way out of my league when this took place. Cora helped (and continues to help) me through this process, and it is ongoing. I don’t just need a trainer, I need a trainer/behaviorist combo. And Cora gives me elements of both. There are a lot of hacks out there. I’ve met them. Cora is truly educated, experienced, and a good person to boot.

    If you’re looking for the best, she’s the best. And look no further than her own therapy dog Alice. The epitome of what every owner would want in a dog. The proof is in the dog-pudding, y’all. 😉