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    Elizabeth B. | Yelp Testimonial

    Cora is an amazing, gentle, and intuitive trainer. She started with my dog, Blue, as a puppy, helping train him with manners and basic commands. He absolutely loved working with her and I could see he was developing into a confident, calm, and well-behaved dog, who LOVED to learn. Once that was established, I realized the HUGE benefits of having such a well-trained dog, and continued to have Cora work with him well beyond puppyhood. Once Blue mastered the basics, Cora challenged him with fun tricks and problem-solving games. He loved it, and I was amazed at his development.

    Cora’s style is gentle, consistent, and positive, She is a wonderful communicator and customizes her suggestions to fit your dog’s personality and your own family’s needs. She also helped me learn that dog training isn’t just about what she can teach your dog – but it is about *my* commitment to continue to work with him at home. Basically she didn’t just train Blue. She trained me … and the bond that I have with Blue is entirely based on the trust we developed through her instruction.

    I am so proud to have such a well-adjusted, well-behaved dog!  Blue is 7 now, and people stop me all the time to compliment his behavior. I thank them, but also make sure they know that he is a good dog today because of the instruction we received from Cora. She has enabled me to become a confident and responsible dog-owner! The BEST part of the training we both received (me and my dog) is that it has deepened the bond of trust between us.

    I have met/worked with several trainers over the years and Cora is the BEST! I can only hope that any other dog that joins our family in the future gets to train with Cora the way Blue did.

    Thank you Cora! You are as good as it gets! A+