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    Kimmy R. | Yelp Testimonial

    I adopted a dog-agressive, Alpha-type, wannabe pack leader pup, and despite watching countless online videos, tons of Cesar Milan, and reading tons of online articles on dog training, found I was losing more and more control and hedging into dangerous territory with my beloved dog. I emailed Cora, she came to my house, and a mere 6 weeks later, my dog and I have a stronger, more loving and safe bond than I EVER could have imagined. WOW.

    When Cora arrived, she asked me all sorts of questions about our time together, and listened so intently.  She got him to do the basics instantly, making me see his potential. Cora showed that he was not only a smart, trainable dog, capable of listening, but also, that I could train myself to get him there. Her tips and tricks worked flawlessly. Well, OK, when I did them right. And when I got frustrated with myself and the paradigm of our relationship started shifting (which is a for better and worse transition period…she’ll explain it all to you), she was there to talk me through it and refocus me on being a better dog mom.

    Half dog-trainer, half-therapist, I highly recommend Cora’s talent. She brings an unrivaled energy, that is both soothing and fun for both human and dog.   What she has taught me about myself and human and dog behavior actually translates to so many aspects of my life. I am so grateful to her. She will enhance your life in more ways that a Yelp post will ever be able to explain.