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    The importance of proper canine nutrition

    Did you know that your dogs diet could have an effect on their behavior as well as their physical well-being?

    Dogs that are eating diets loaded with sugars and grains, which are less efficient on the body, tend to tire and lose interest in things more quickly (as a good deal of energy is being spent just trying to process these things). Dogs taking in high quantities of fat and protein, specifically from animal sources, are processing those things easier, thus allowing them energy to use in other areas. Just like humans, dogs require a balanced diet full of a variety of vegetables, fruits, and quality protein sources. Think about it, if you were to eat the same meal from a fast food chain day after day for your entire life, you would feel pretty lousy right?

    We highly recommend feeding a diet that isn’t highly processed or full of preservatives and additives (such as sugars, salt and artificial ingredients). Major dog food companies that sell their products in grocery stores and pet supply super stores deceive the public with their media propaganda by preying on pet owner’s heart strings. They appeal to the masses by showing happy, healthy dogs frolicking with their owners while pictures of brightly colored vegetables and meat float around them. The truth is that kibble is heated to such high temperatures that if any beneficial ingredients were used at all they would be lost during this process.

    Home prepared raw or dehydrated diets with whole ingredients is the best way to maintain the integrity of their nutritional benefits. This is why we us and so many of our clients feed their dogs (  ) which uses only human grade whole foods ingredients and non GMO vegetables. Lucky Dog Cuisine also comes in easy to prepare, ready made frozen packets delivered right to your doorstep! To learn more about their products please feel free to ask us or check out their website. A dog that is healthy inside and out, is a happy dog!